Madison's Medical 

Thank you for supporting Madison !

Madison also has scoliosis due to weak muscles which are unable to support her spine. Her curve is now at 52%.  On April first, she had  Magec rods surgery, where the doctor cut her back from top to bottom and place one rod on each side of her spine. These rods will support her spine to keep it straight. They have a magnetic system that can grow with her for approximately five years until she will need to replace them with permanent rods. Her surgery took around seven hours.  At this time, the family doesn’t know what the costs will be for their out of pocket expense, or what kind of therapy will be required. It will all be contingent on the degree of success of the surgery and how quickly Madison can recover. In addition to numerous medical bills already incurred, here are some of the monthly medical bills the family faces for the care and well-being of Madison.


$5 pays for her supplements for one day ​


$30 pays for a 3-hour shift for a caregiver ​ 


$55 pays for one specialist visit; she averages 4 per month ​


$100 per session for massage therapy ​


$110 for monthly medication


$250 for each ER copay visit. She had six trips in the past year. ​


$300 for her monthly formula ​

$1,500 was her latest wheelchair repair. They are getting ready to upgrade seating, and replace new wheels. (Her big wheels cost $800 and the small ones $250) ​


$2,700 is still on a payment plan for her Boston Hospital stay last year. ​

$4,900 is still on a payment plan from her feeding tube surgery. ​


Madison has five pieces of respiratory equipment they make payments on as well. ​ ​