"Thank you for supporting me" Love, Madison

Latest Update on Madison


Today and every day, we are grateful for heroes like you that enable the healing to happen and are so thankful for the ripple effect of every dollar you donate. Your dollars pay her ER visits copays of $250, copays of treatments going under anesthesia, her physical and occupational therapy copays of $55 per visit three times a week. Her copays of $55 for each of her six specialist visit, wheelchair repairs, six medications daily, tutoring to keep up when she misses school and daily adaptation needs — moreover, the extras like her massages for chronic pain and supplements to keep her immune system up.


This year Madison was able to start public middle school, something we thought she would have to do on Hospital homebound school like in the past. With the new change, it did take a toll on her and missed 24 days of school due to illness but still was able to pull off five A's and one B on her report card.


Madison started playing with the Weston Explosion fastpitch 12U travel softball team and was welcomed with a full uniform and participated in all the practices and cheered her team on in the games.


Madison is still receiving her bone infusions every three months for bone density and her Spinraza treatments every four months to help stop the progression of SMA. She is sitting straighter and able to do a few new things independently in her daily life.


As Madison's parents, we are blessed Madison celebrates one more year a little stronger than before. We are so grateful for my brother Rich who keeps coming up with fundraisers, our supportive family, and generous donors that help us keep Madison smiling and receiving all the things she needs.



Aaron & Jen Smith


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